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We look forward to receiving your comments and details of dives other divers will be interested in. Please e-mail us at Please note that we don't open any attachments other than .gif or .jpg files. If you are informing us to update your details on our site please include the page(s) your details show on as it makes finding it easier ~ thanks.

Dive Centres: If divers can get air from you we can include you in our directory for free. We don’t give open access to our database but if you send us the address where divers can get air (usually your retail store) we’ll add it. It is easier for us if it’s in this sequence:

Store/company name; full address; zip/post code; telephone number, fax number; web address; email


If you supply nitrox or mixed gasses, have your own boat for charter, or your own accommodation, please state it as we can add those details too.

Some notes:


  • We don’t usually show mobile phone numbers as they change too often.

  • If your main office is not where the air compressor is, please state so. We will list the air compressor address first, then the ‘postal address’.

Tour operators/travel agents: We charge 100 per year for listing your contact details. Just email us with your requirements .


If you are providing dive site details we find divers ask:

  • the country,
  • site name 
  • location
  • maximum depth
  • temperature
  • what is there to see
  • and a  nearby place to get an air refill.

If you want, you can add more information such as a picture (gif or jpg), transit points, or if a particular skill or qualification is necessary e.g. overhead environments; minimum 50 dives etc. and perhaps where to eat.


If you want to advertise on our site you will need to understand how to write your Advert and read the  Terms and Conditions. Most personal advertisements are free. Please write your 'for sale' items so that we can easily 'cut and paste' your text to our pages.

When you write, please let us know where you found out about our site, e.g. your friends, Dive Club or centre, our adverts or a search engine (which one please). 

Thank you, we appreciate your comments and suggestions.