Diving in Minnesota, USA,

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  • Scuba Daddy’s Dive Shop. 14844 Granada Avenue, Apple Valley, Minnesota 55125 Tel: 952-432-7070 Fax: 952-432-7070 E: mail: whilton@aol.com and scubadad@frontiernet.net
  • Minnesota School of Diving Inc. 712 Washington St., Brainerd 56401 Tel: 218-829-5953 or toll free: 800-657-2822 (800 -OK-SCUBA) Fax: 218-828-7909 URL: www.mndiving.com  E-mail: mnscldiv@uslink.net (& nitrox).
  • Innerspace Scuba. Duluth, MN 55811. Tel: 218-726-1010
    Lake Superior Divers Supply. 3028 West 3rd Street, Duluth 55806 Tel: 218-624-7285
  • Superior Scuba Center, 1902 West Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55806 Tel/; (218) 722-9500 Fax (218) 722-9189 www.superiordivers.com  ; jay@superiordivers.com  (& nitrox).
  • Northland Divers Inc. 2017 Woodlynn Ave, Maplewood 55109 Tel: 651-777-4278
  • Smith Diving. 7500 University Avenue NE, Minneapolis 55432. Tel: 612-574-1280 URL: www.smithdiving.com  E-mail: terryl@smithdiving.com 
  • Minnesota Dive Center Inc. Miracle Mile Shopping Center, Rochester 55901 Tel: 507-288-8802
  • Pro Dive North. 418 10th St. South Virginia 55792 Tel: 218-735-8478

  • Underwater Sports Inc. 552 25th Avenue North St. Cloud 56303 Tel: 320-251-8967
  • Grand Rapids Marine, 1022 N.W. 4th St. Grand Rapids 55744 Tel: 218-326-0351 
    Fax: 218-326-0352 E-mail: grmarine@paulbungan.net 
  • Underwater Schools of America. 2075 Daniels Street, Long Lake 55356. Tel: 612-473-4266
  • Mick’s Scuba Inc. 420 South 21st Street, Moorhead 56560 Tel: 218-233-0448 Fax:218-233-4042 URL: www.micksscuba.com  E-mail: micksscuba@means.net 
  • Hazelton Scuba Shop. 850 Prarie Island Rd, Winona 55987 Tel: 507-454-3773

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Crosby area mine pits (Central Minnesota): Located approximately 20miles North of Brainerd MN and 2 1/2 hours Northwest of Minneapolis the Crosby area mine pits offer great mixed diving.  With visibility ranging from 15-45 feet and a wide range of depths (600ft max on some mines) these mines offer something for all divers novice to technical.  The surface temp. in the summer peaks somewhere around 70degrees above the thermalcline and is a fairly consistent 46-52 degrees below it.  High points include underwater structure, underwater forests and several species of fresh water fish.  The Manomen mine has two training platforms.

Dived by; Minnesota School of Diving Brainerd 1-800-OKSCUBA www.mndiving.com

Virginia area mine pits (Northern Minnesota): 

These pits are located approximately 60miles North of Duluth, MN and 4 hours North of Minneapolis.  Like the Crosby area mines these pits share the same type of diving and conditions.  The difference is there are more mining artefacts at the bottom of these mines.  The Embarrass Pit has old buildings and footings that are still present.  Lake Ore Be Gone (former mine pit) has two speeders (small rail cars) sunk just off of the public beach, a sunken speed boat, and some old mine shafts, as well as two training platforms one in 15ft and one at70ft.

 Dived by: Superior Scuba Center Duluth, MN (218) 722-9500  or Tall Pine Scuba Virginia, MN 218-741-8118 www.superiordivers.com

Detroit Lakes area (East Central Minnesota):

The town of Detroit Lakes MN is approximately 1 hour east of Fargo, ND.  There are several good lakes to dive in this area.  Divable lakes in this area offer visibility up to 25ft. and several species of freshwater fish and underwater plant life.  Some lakes in this area are also known for their Fresh Water Coral.  These lakes include Battle Lake, Eagle Lake, Lake Six and others. 

 For more information contact: Mick's Scuba in Moorhead, MN for a complete list of good lakes to dive. 1-800-285-3483 www.micksscuba.com

Bemidji area lakes (North Central Minnesota):

Bemidji is approximately 4 1/2 hours North of Minneapolis and has several divable lakes.  Most lakes in these areas offer good diving for beginner to intermediate divers.  With great fish activity and the Head Waters of the Mississippi River there are numerous uncharted dive sites.  Many lakes in this area have good visibility (10-25ft) and are filled with many turn of the century (the 20th century) artefacts.  Many of these lakes were used for rafting logs for easier transport to area mills.  Often times loggers would loose items either through the ice or drop them in the lake in the summer.

 For more information contact: The Dive Depot Bemidji, MN 218-444-FINS(3467)

North Shore of Lake Superior (North Eastern Minnesota)


One of the premier dive sites for divers around the Midwest the North Shore of Lake Superior is a short 2 1/2 hour drive from Minneapolis.  Lake Superior offers a great amount of mixed diving for advanced divers.  The general conditions make diving a little intimidating for beginners and for that reason divers should have or take additional training in Lake Superior before trying to dive it on their own.  Water temps. in Lake Superior range greatly but average 47degrees (drysuits are recommended).  Dives range in depth from 15-135 feet or deeper for tec divers.  

Dive Sites from Superior Scuba Center www.superiordivers.com 

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  • Thomas Wilson (Shipwreck) Max Depth 75ft  A 308' Whaleback Steamship "Wilson" was constructed in 1882 and designed to carry coal & grain.  It collided with the "George G. Hadley" and sank in under three minutes in June of 1902.
  • A.C. Adams (Shipwreck)  Max Depth 115ft  "The Adams" was a wooden single screw tugboat built in 1881.  Scuttled in 1923.
  • May Flower (Shipwreck)  Max Depth 95ft  A 147 foot wooden schooner built in 1889.  Sank in June of 1891 when her sandstone cargo shifted. 
  • Niagara (Shipwreck)  Max Depth 95ft  Built as a rafting tug in 1872.  She ran aground on Knife Island in a dense fog in June of 1904
  • Samuel P. Ely (Shipwreck)  Max Depth 30ft  A three masted schooner built in 1869 sank while taking a beating from 55 mile an hour winds in 1896.
  • Madeira (Shipwreck)  Max Depth 110ft  A 436 foot steel schooner barge was built in 1900 sank in the famous Mataffa storm in November of 1905.  The "Madeira" is considered to be the crown jewel of the North Shore.  This wreck is accessible form shore but is more enjoyable from a boat due to the long approach to the beach and the extensive surface swim out to the wreck.  There are two buoys marking the Bow and Stern of the wreck.
  • Hesper (Shipwreck)  Max Depth 45ft  The Hesper is a 250ft wooden, single screw, stem ship built in 1890.  She sank in May of 1905 after running aground off of Silver Bay.  The Hesper is accessible from shore by driving out on the breakwall at Silver Bay Marina.  There is a buoy marking the wreck on the North Side of the breakwater.